Sodium nitrate Molecular Formula: NaNO3 Molecular weight: 84.99 Properties and uses: Ccolorless cone crystal or rhombus crystal or white fine crystalline powder . The material of chemicals, dye and explosive, nitrifier, defoamer, decolor agent, clarificant, flux, chromogenic reagent, antimicrobial agent, antiseptic. Main index Crystal Assay%鈮?/p>99.399 Moisture%鈮?/p>1.81.8 Water Insoluble Matter%鈮?/p>0.060.03 Sodium nitrite (NaNO2 dry)%鈮?/p>0.020.01 Chloride (Cl, dry)%鈮?/p>0.240.40 Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3 dry)%鈮?/p>0.100.10 Fe%鈮?/p>0.0050.005 Heavy Metals (Pb)%鈮?/p>---0.002 As%鈮?/p>---0.0002 Packing: 25/50kg Plastic lined woven bag, or as customer demands.Sodium Nitrate price website: